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ICYMI: James Comer Has Financial Entanglements with His Brother

Oct 20, 2023

As James Comer misrepresents Biden family bank records, it turns out Comer himself co-owns farmland with his brother, according to the Daily Beast.  

Here are the facts: the Oversight Committee received more than 1,400 pages from three banks in response to Chairman Comer and Chairman Jordan’s subpoenas for bank records of private citizens, including members of the President’s family. In total, they have received 14,000 pages of bank records. And all they found was that the  President’s brother paid him back for a personal loan while the President was out of office. 

These records prove once again that President Biden was not involved in his family members’ businesses.

James Comer was actually in business with his brother while serving as an elected official, and received a government loan during that time. 

The Daily Beast: “James Comer co-owns farmland in Red Boiling Springs. He also claims to have bought out his brother’s stake in farm property there that same year, which the disclosure valued between $15,001 and $50,000.”

[Comer Personal Financial Disclosure, filed 8/23/23]

Perhaps James Comer’s brother should provide thousands of pages of bank records to demonstrate that his businesses haven’t improperly influenced Comer.