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ICYMI: House Republicans’ New Star Witness Is A Convicted Felon in Prison

Feb 23, 2024

Fresh off news that their former star witness was indicted for lying about President Biden and his son, James Comer and Jim Jordan have moved on to a new witness for their baseless investigations: a convicted felon in prison! Their previous star witness – who they spent a year touting – was not only recently indicted for making false statements accusing President Biden and his son Hunter of corruption and bribery, he was also exposed for meeting with and being fed information by Russian intelligence officials. Comer and Jordan are so desperate to find someone, somewhere who will help them in their failed baseless impeachment against President Biden. They continue to show how low they will go in their pathetic pursuit to help the twice-impeached, four-time indicted former president, Donald Trump return to the White House. 

The Independent: Republicans to interview member of notorious crime family in prison about Biden investigation

Andrew Feinberg // February 23, 2024

  • “Republican investigators will visit convicted fraudster and member of the notorious Galanis crime family Jason Galanis in an Alabama prison on Friday in the latest attempt to salvage the impeachment investigation into president Joe Biden, The Independent has learned. According to a source, House investigators are headed to Federal Prison Camp Montgomery to interview Galanis, a convicted criminal who is serving a 14-year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit securities fraud, securities fraud, and investment adviser fraud in addition to other crimes.” 
  • “Galanis was previously convicted of participating in a market manipulation and fraud scheme in which he also evaded a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) order prohibiting him from serving as an officer or executive at publicly traded companies.” 
  • “Galanis’ jailhouse interview marks just the latest example of Republicans seeking information from shady characters amid the so-far floundering impeachment inquiry. It comes hours after a key source was arrested for a second time on Thursday on charges of having fabricated bribery allegations against Mr Biden.” 
  • “Last week, federal prosecutors indicted Alexander Smirnov, a former FBI confidential human source, for allegedly fabricating bombshell allegations of bribery against Mr Biden and his son, Hunter Biden. According to the indictment, Mr Smirnov allegedly “provided false derogatory information” to agents about the Bidens back in June 2020, allegedly telling them about two meetings with an executive from Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company which employed Hunter Biden as an attorney and later as a member of its corporate board.” 
  • “The allegations, which were documented in an FBI form used to record witness interviews, have figured prominently in claims made by Republican members of Congress conducting an impeachment investigation into Mr Biden, most notably House oversight committee chair James Comer and Judiciary committee chair Jim Jordan. But they explain that Mr Smirnov’s allegations against the Bidens were completely made up.”