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ICYMI: Fox News Commentator Throws Cold Water On Latest MAGA GOP Impeachment Push

May 10, 2024

In interviews this morning, Fox News’ Stu Varney called out MAGA House Republicans for their latest baseless impeachment stunt. MAGA House Republicans are now trying to impeach President Biden for delaying weapons to Israel, a basis for impeachment so outlandish and baseless that conservative commentator Stu Varney repeatedly asked MAGA House Republican guests what the alleged high crime or misdemeanor was.

Fox News’ Stu Varney: 

To House GOP Whip Steve Scalise: “Is it a high crime or misdemeanor? Really?… That’s a very political statement, and you know it.” Watch.

To House GOP Rep. Wesley Hunt:  “But is it a high crime and misdemeanor… Where is the crime?” Watch.

When a Fox and Friends host thinks your MAGA GOP impeachment push is baseless… your impeachment push is baseless.