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STATEMENT: Day One Hearings Show Comer and Jordan Not Ready for Prime Time

Feb 1, 2023

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For Immediate Release
Date: February 1, 2023

Washington D.C. – The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees held their first hearings under Republican control today, a clown show of buffoonery, showboating, and misplaced priorities. Congressional Integrity Project Executive Director, Kyle Herrig, issued the following response:

“Republicans had a real opportunity today to help the American people, but instead they used their time and platform to call far-right extremist witnesses, lie about Democrats, and spread their harmful MAGA agenda. James Comer, Jim Jordan, and the Republicans populating their committees are focused on Trump-style political attacks instead of the real issues keeping Americans up at night. If today’s hearings are any indication, these committees made up of election deniers and conspiracy theorists, cannot be trusted to conduct fair and credible investigations and the American people are the ones who will suffer.”

Let’s take a look at some of the most ridiculous moments from today:

  • House Judiciary Republicans called a far-right Sheriff who has demonized immigrants and lied about the border as a witness. 
  • After the hearing, House Judiciary Republicans decided to attack the Washington Post on Twitter for calling out their lies. 
  • Multiple Republicans on the House Oversight Committee falsely claimed the House refused to conduct oversight of Covid funds when Democrats were in control – despite an entire Select Committee being created last Congress. 
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene used her time at the Oversight hearing to attack “critical race theory” and Drag Queen Story Hour.