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FACT SHEET: MAGA Republicans Who Hyped An Indicted Witness With Deep Ties to Russian Intelligence Are Scrambling To Save Their Baseless Impeachment Probe

Feb 22, 2024

For almost a year, Jim Jordan, James Comer, and top House Republicans touted Alexander Smirnov as a “highly credible” star witness, making his criminal lies the cornerstone of their baseless impeachment inquiry against President Biden. Now, after he was not only indicted for lying about accusations against President Biden and his son, but also exposed for meeting with and being fed information by Russian intelligence officials, MAGA House Republicans are scrambling to sweep it all under the rug. 

MAGA Republicans are desperate to hide the fact that they have been pushing a Russian disinformation campaign to smear the Biden family and help Putin-apologist Donald Trump. This evidence-free impeachment inquiry is nothing but a political stunt based on a criminal lie from someone “motivated by his animosity towards the President,” spearheaded by Trump and his MAGA cronies. Trump has instructed Jordan and MAGA House Republicans to tarnish President Biden, his family, and his administration heading into the 2024 election. MAGA Republicans have nothing but the wrong priorities, following Trump and his Russian interests, while blatantly ignoring the important priorities of Americans across the country. 

THEN: Republicans Centered Smirnov’s Allegations As The Cornerstone of Their Baseless Impeachment Inquiry.

NOW: House Republicans Are Suddenly Downplaying Smirnov Following His Indictment, Even Removing Him From An Impeachment Interview Request Letter.

  • Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) said Smirnov’s indictment and deep ties to Russian intelligence “doesn’t change the fundamental facts,” and would not impact the impeachment inquiry “at all,” further declaring, “it is what it is.” 
  • Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) reneged on his past comments praising the FBI form FD-1023, stating, “the impeachment inquiry is not reliant on the FBI’s FD-1023” in the wake of Smirnov’s indictment.
  • Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) has downplayed Smirnov as “ancillary” to the baseless impeachment probe.
  • Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) insisted “we have lots of evidence,” downplaying Smirnov’s indictment and deep ties to Russian intelligence.
  • Despite centering Smirnov’s allegations in their baseless impeachment inquiry, Republicans are trying to quietly pivot away from his allegations, deleting a reference to Smirnov’s criminal lies in a letter sent to a potential impeachment witness. As HuffPost reported, “Republicans appear to be striking any mention of it from their impeachment correspondence.”