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Congressman Daniel Goldman Joins Congressional Integrity Project to Discuss MAGA House Republicans’ Bogus Impeachment Inquiry Hearing of President Biden

Sep 27, 2023

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Date: September 27, 2023

Watch the full briefing here

Washington, DC Today, Congressman Daniel Goldman (NY-10), a member of the House Committee on Oversight and the lead counsel in the first impeachment of former President Trump, joined Rebecca Parks, research director for the Congressional Integrity Project, and Kyle Herrig, founder, and executive director of the Congressional Integrity Project to discuss the past nine months of failed investigations conducted by the House Oversight Committee ahead of Thursday’s bogus impeachment inquiry hearing.

Earlier this month, Speaker McCarthy opened a baseless impeachment inquiry without a vote and Oversight Committee Republicans selected as witnesses for the first impeachment hearing a Fox News contributor and Trump loyalist (Jonathan Turley), another Fox News and Newsmax pundit (Bruce Dubinsky), and a member of the Trump transition team (Eileen O’Connor). Read more about these MAGA witnesses here.

What won’t be present at the hearing? Any witnesses who deal in facts and any shred of evidence whatsoever that President Biden committed any wrongdoing. Rep. James Comer has confessed that this hearing won’t cover any new ground and this latest partisan stunt is just another distraction from the looming government shutdown – an epic failure entirely of the Republicans’ own making. This hearing shows, once again, that they would rather focus on these blatant stunts at the behest of Trump rather than solving the real issues keeping working families up at night.

“Committee Republicans have not presented a shred of evidence linking President Biden to any wrongdoing but have no compunction to lie to the American people about their evidence,” Congressman Dan Goldman said. “This is a bogus impeachment effort, the basis for which has been manufactured out of lies and gaslighting. The reality is that there is a mob boss down in Mar-a-Lago telling his soldiers in the House of Representatives to shut down the government and impeach his political opponent. Both are unwarranted, both are unacceptable, and neither should take up time and resources in a legislative body that should be focused on working for the American people.”

“These witnesses that Comer has assembled for this hearing are not fact witnesses. As the congressman said, they are partisan hacks and self-promoters. They are paid and frequent Fox News or Newsmax contributors and opinion writers who call for Hunter Biden to be charged with more crimes,” said Congressional Integrity Project’s research director, Rebecca Parks. “They’re being brought in for their pre-baked, partisan opinions about what’s going on in this investigation – just another group of partisan hacks brought in by James Comer in the House Oversight Committee’s endless charade.” 

“We’re here today for one reason: MAGA Republicans laid bare their priorities to the American people – and it’s not health care, it’s not addressing rising costs, and it’s certainly not coming to the table to head off a government shutdown. [I]t’s rushing an impeachment inquiry forward after nine months of partisan stunt hearings in which they have produced not a scintilla of evidence of any wrongdoing by President Biden,” said Kyle Herrig, founder, and executive director of the Congressional Integrity Project. “Tomorrow’s hearing will spotlight James Comer in his nine months of abject failure of conducting any legitimate oversight. Comer has invited no fact witnesses and is providing no new evidence; their witnesses are, in fact, right-wing hacks who will spout the same partisan talking points as Comer, Jordan, and other MAGA Republicans. This impeachment hearing is an embarrassing attempt to distract from the facts that Republicans will shut down the government instead of focusing on the real issues keeping working families up at night.”

Watch the full press briefing here.