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Congressional Integrity Project Requests Information From Office of Congressional Ethics on James Comer’s Reported Book Deal

Apr 9, 2024

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For Immediate Release
Date: April 9, 2024

Washington, D.C. – This morning, the Congressional Integrity Project sent a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics seeking information on whether Rep. James Comer requested approval to author a book on his failed Biden impeachment political stunt. The letter follows reporting from Axios, who revealed the placeholder book cover on a publisher’s website.

Congressional Integrity Project executive director, Kyle Herrig, issued the following statement:

“From the beginning, this impeachment investigation was nothing but a political stunt and a desperate call for attention from James Comer – and this potential book deal further proves it. Comer and his fellow MAGA House Republicans have spent the last 15 months investigating the President and have not discovered a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing. The American people deserve to know where Comer’s true priorities lie – with doing Donald Trump’s bidding and making a quick buck with a book or with the important issues like health care and the cost of living that are affecting Americans across the country.”

Read the full letter here.