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Congressional Integrity Project Launches to Call Out Corruption and Misconduct in Congress, Takes Aim at U.S. Senator Ron Johnson

Jul 29, 2020

The new organization will focus on restoring integrity in Congress by exposing the self-dealing behind members’ actions.

Washington, D.C. – The Congressional Integrity Project (CIP) launched today in an effort to curb corruption in Congress. In conjunction with the launch, the group released Part One of its special report series, “Covering for Corruption,” that details instances of self-dealing, patronage, and other corruption by members of Congress. The first report targets Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

The new 501(c)(4) organization is working with a team of researchers to expose elected officials who put their own interests above those of their constituents, enriching themselves, their family members, and their political allies while turning a blind eye to corruption.

The Congressional Integrity Project will be led by attorney and strategist Kyle Herrig who will serve as the Executive Director. Ethics expert Melanie Sloan, along with progressive strategists Brad Woodhouse and Hayley Matz Meadvin, will serve on the organization’s board. Former Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Executive Director Mindy Myers and former Democratic National Committee Press Secretary Michael Czin will serve as advisors to the Congressional Integrity Project.

“For too long, members of Congress like Ron Johnson have put their own personal interests before the needs of the American public, covering for Trump’s corruption and ignoring their oversight responsibilities,” said Kyle Herrig, Executive Director. “While conservatives try to distract the American people with baseless, partisan investigations, we will use every tool at our disposal to stop officials like Johnson from misleading and manipulating voters.”

Since the 2016 election, conservatives in Congress have put protecting their personal interests and their political allies ahead of serving the American people. Johnson and his colleagues on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are more interested in baseless, partisan investigations than fulfilling their constitutional oversight duties, like the Trump Administration’s failed response to the pandemic.

“Sen. Johnson puts covering for Trump and protecting his family’s finances ahead of Wisconsin families. It’s no surprise that his personal wealth has likely doubled since he took office. We can’t let this type of corruption and self-dealing continue,” said Herrig. The Congressional Integrity Project Report on Ron Johnson chronicles several instance of corruption, including:

  • Before stocks plummeted because of the coronavirus, Johnson sold his stake in Pacur, the company he led, to a private equity firm that deals with industries he has oversight of in the Senate. An executive at the private equity firm was a major donor to Johnson’s campaign, and Johnson likely sold this stake for significantly more than its 2018 reported value — for as much as $25 million.
  • Ron Johnson personally benefited from the Republican tax cut bill that he voted for in 2017, and successfully pushed for provisions that would benefit his family.
  • Financial disclosure reports show that Johnson’s wealth has likely doubled since running for the Senate.

In the coming days and weeks, the Congressional Integrity Project will release additional research reports and polling data. When appropriate, we will also file lawsuits and formal complaints to call out the illegitimate actions of corrupt political leaders.

For more information on the Congressional Integrity Project’s work visit: For the latest updates, follow @USIntegrityProj on Twitter.