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Congressional Integrity Project Launches New Ads in Biden 18 Districts

Sep 12, 2023

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For Immediate Release
Date: September 12, 2023 

Digital Ads Target Reps. Bacon, Chavez-Deremer, Ciscomani, D’Esposito, Duarte, Fitzpatrick, Garcia, Kean, Jr., Kiggans, Kim, LaLota, Lawler, Molinaro, Santos, Schweikert, Steel, Valadao, and Williams

Washington, D.C. – As House Republicans return to Congress this September with Speaker McCarthy signaling a bogus impeachment inquiry of President Biden at the demands of extreme MAGA House Republicans including Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz, the Congressional Integrity Project is launching a new paid digital ad campaign in the eighteen Republican districts across the country that were won by Biden in 2020. The ads call on the Biden 18 to focus on real priorities for the American people, rather than blindly following Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s bogus impeachment of President Biden. 

While McCarthy and MAGA House Republicans pursue meritless impeachment inquiries, they are throwing the priorities of everyday Americans under the bus, like lowering costs, growing the economy, and tackling climate change. 

A new Public Policy Polling survey reveals that a majority of voters in the 18 key battleground districts (55%) think an impeachment inquiry would be more about helping Donald Trump than finding the truth, including 56% of independent voters, while just 41% think it would be more about finding the truth. Additionally, 56% think an impeachment inquiry would be more of a partisan political stunt, including 55% of independent voters, while only 41% think it would be more of a serious effort to investigate important problems.

Congressional Integrity Project executive director Kyle Herrig issued the following statement. 

“MAGA House Republicans continue to make it clear that their only priority in Congress is running interference for multiple-indictee Donald Trump and tarnishing Joe Biden ahead of next year’s election. They have not found a single shred of evidence to link President Biden to any wrongdoing, yet continue to forgo the important issues that affect everyday Americans. Voters in these 18 districts do not consider impeachment a priority and it’s time for these Representatives to slam the door on this sham by vowing to vote against opening a bogus inquiry or wholly unwarranted articles of impeachment.”

The ads will run and have a significant online presence in the following districts: Don Bacon (NE-2), Lori Chavez-Deremer (OR-5), Juan Ciscomani (AZ-6), Anthony D’Esposito (NY-4), John Duarte (CA-13), Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1), Mike Garcia (CA-27), Tom Kean, Jr. (NJ-7), Jen Kiggans (VA-2), Young Kim (CA-40), Nick LaLota (NY-1), Mike Lawler (NY-17), Marc Molinaro (NY-19), George Santos (NY-3), David Schweikert (AZ-1), Michelle Steel (CA-45), David Valadao (CA-22), and Brandon Williams (NY-22).

Watch the ads here


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