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Congressional Integrity Project Hosts Press Briefing Featuring Rep. Dan Goldman to Discuss Russian Disinformation Behind Biden Impeachment

Feb 22, 2024

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Date: February 22, 2024

Watch the full briefing here

Washington, DC  Today, Rep. Dan Goldman (NY-10) and Kyle Herrig, executive director of the Congressional Integrity Project discussed the latest devastating blow to James Comer and Jim Jordan’s Biden impeachment attempt. Their star witness, who was charged with criminally lying about his accusations about the President and his son last week, admitted to meeting with and being fed information by Russian intelligence officials. Congressional Integrity Project released a new report today in light of these startling developments.

House Republicans, led by James Comer and Jim Jordan, have spent the past year pushing a Russian disinformation campaign to smear President Biden and his family and to help Putin-apologist Donald Trump. They have failed to find a single shred of evidence that President Biden committed any wrongdoing, let alone anything that warrants an impeachment. While acting as Putin’s and Trump’s puppets they have ignored the important issues that affect Americans, such as increasing access to health care and the economy.

“For months, House Republicans have put Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin over the American people and the integrity of our democracy,” said Congressman Dan Goldman. “Now that their star ‘informant’ in their sham impeachment investigation has admitted to being in bed with Russian intelligence agents, it is time for Chairman Comer and Chairman Jordan to end this charade. Russia’s attempts to unlawfully interfere in our elections have been known since at least 2016 – if this investigation continues, Russia will be doing so with help from Republican members of Congress.”

“The investigation into President Biden, led by James Comer, has been a complete and abject failure,” At every turn, Comer has overpromised and underdelivered,” said Congressional integrity Project Executive Director, Kyle Herrig.  “With each witness they interview, it becomes even more clear that there is not a single shred of evidence of wrongdoing by the President, let alone any that could rise to the level of warranting an impeachment. Comer and MAGA Republicans are continuing this farce at the direction of former-president Trump, all to help him get back in the White House, at whatever cost.”

Watch the full press briefing here