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We Have a Few Questions for James Comer

Nov 26, 2022

Congressman James Comer is appearing on Meet the Press tomorrow morning. Congressional Integrity Project’s Brad Woodhouse has a few questions we’d like answered:

  1. Why are you eager to investigate President Biden’s finances where no impropriety exists but had no interest in Trump or his family which made over $600 million during his term?
  2. Did Jared Kushner and Ivanka making hundreds of millions while working for the White House not raise any red flags ?
  3. Did Ivanka getting three Chinese trademarks after she and her dad had dinner with the Chinese president not seem like an area of investigation? What if they had been Democrats?
  4. What about Jared making the Middle East his portfolio while in the White House and at the same time receiving Saudi and Qatari investments in his family business? Would that have been worthy of investigating if his father-in-law president had been named Joe Biden?
  5. After hearing all that and what you said on FOX and Friends in October about the purpose of investigations being to “prevent Joe Biden from running in 2024,” wouldn’t it be appropriate if voters concluded that you are nothing more than a politically motivated, partisan hypocrite?
  6. Finally: why should anyone on earth take your investigations seriously?