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CIP Requests Office of Congressional Ethics Investigate James Comer For Using His Oversight Role To Fundraise

May 23, 2024

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For Immediate Release
Date: May 23, 2024

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Congressional Integrity Project has sent a letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics requesting the office immediately investigate Comer’s recent fundraising campaign, where he is directly tying his official chairmanship position to fundraising efforts. Since becoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Comer has repeatedly used the official impeachment inquiry to solicit campaign contributions, most recently linking the Oversight Committee’s efforts to obtain audio files from Special Counsel Robert Hur with the 2024 election.

Congressional Integrity Project executive director, Kyle Herrig, issued the following statement: 

“From the very beginning, James Comer’s chairmanship of the Oversight Committee has been about politics – his and Donald Trump’s. Comer has engaged in one political stunt after another to shield Trump from his crimes and return him to the White House. And, Comer is using his official position to feather his campaign nest. Comer’s aggressive fundraising raises questions about his true intentions as chair of the Oversight Committee. It’s critical that the Office of Congressional Ethics  investigate him for using his chairmanship for political gain.”

Read the letter to the Office of Congressional Ethics here.