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BY THE NUMBERS: Jim Jordan Repeatedly Touted Star Witness In Bogus Biden Impeachment Effort Who Was Just Arrested For Lying About the Bidens to the FBI

Feb 16, 2024

For almost a year, Jim Jordan, James Comer, and other House Republicans have touted Alexander Smirnov as a ‘credible’ star witness in his baseless impeachment investigation into President Biden. To no one’s surprise, Smirnov is one of the least-credible witnesses since he has officially been arrested for lying in his statements about President Biden and his son. And this is not even the first of Jordan and Comer’s so-called bombshell witnesses who has been indicted since this investigation began. Smirnov’s claims have been the lynchpin to Jordan and House Republicans’ investigation into President Biden. This investigation – evidence-free despite over a year of investigations – is based on a criminal lie. It’s time to end this farce for good. 

Below are 8 examples over the past eight months where Jim Jordan perpetuated this debunked criminal lie in interviews with right wing media.

Jim Jordan

  1. JANUARY 2024:  Jordan:  Allegations Are From A “Highly Credible Confidential Human Source.”  Jim Jordan: And then you have all this other evidence that Jamie and Jason have brought forward from their committees that support that. But the most corroborating evidence we have is that 1023 form from this highly credible confidential human source according to U.S. attorney Scott Brady.” [“Hannity,” Fox News, 1/11/24]
  2. JULY 2023:  Jordan Said The 1023 Form Seemed Legit, Promised To Do “Due Diligence” To “Make Sure That This Is Credible.” Bob Frantz: Congressman Jordan, tell me more about the 1023 Form. Democrats who are trying to, you know, give some sort of response to that damning document once it was released by Chuck Grassley to the American people, they’re saying that it’s compromised. They also said that the primary source behind the information contained in it has retracted or or somehow, you know, changed his story. Can you tell us anything about that and the Democrats? JIm Jordan:  I mean, I guess I expect it from the Democrats.  We’ll look at all that. We’ll make sure… You know, Senator Grassley seems to think it’s credible. Senator Grassley seems to think it should be made public and American people can sort of look at it themselves. […] So, yeah, we’ll do the due diligence. We’ll make sure that this is credible. And this is part of our investigation. It’s why we move through this in a methodical way. I try never to get out in front of things and say things that we can’t back up with facts and testimony that we think is valid and credible. So we’ll check all that out. And I know Chairman Comer whose primary focus is that area – ours is primarily in the Justice Department area and how they’ve handled this investigation. I know Chairman Comer will do the do that as well.” [Always Right Radio, 7/24/23]
  3. JUNE 2023:  Jordan Called The FBI Source “Competent” And “Credible.”  Jim Jordan: Yes, we want the tapes and we want the 1023 document, we actually want it made public. The American public, the American people should have a right to see that. We want it made public in an unredacted form. I didn’t even get to read it in a fully unredacted form. There were redactions in the form that, as a member of the committee, that when I read it, there were still things redacted.  And the thing that jumped out about me in the report, the competence of the human source. I understand that this is a report that the FBI compiled themselves. So they’re talking to a source, a credible source who they’ve paid for a number of years, paid a lot of money to this source who is talking to them.” [Rob Carson Show, 6/14/23]
  4. JUNE 2023:  Jordan Called The FBI Source “Very Credible.”  Jim Jordan: Now we have the 1023, an unclassified document that the FBI created by talking to a confidential human source they paid for a long time who was very credible.” [The Benny Show, 6/13/23]
  5. JUNE 2023: Jordan Said The FBI Source Was “More Credible” Than Christopher Steele.  Amanda Head: Mr. Chairman, tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM have a vote to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt. I would think that in the interest of truth and transparency, this would be bipartisan. What do you expect to happen? Jim Jordan: I doubt it. But here’s one thing I think is interesting. How much do you want to bet? How much you want to bet this source, this confidential source who put together the information to the FBI for them to create this 1023, how much you want to bet he’s a little more credible than Christopher Steele and the dossier?” [“Just the News No Noise,” Real America’s Voice, 6/7/23]
  6. JUNE 2023:  Jordan Called Smirnov A “Credible Source,” Said He Would Bet His House That “This Source Is  Better Than Christopher Steele.” Jim Jordan: This document that Chairman Comer, we’re trying to get made public for the American people to see, I mean, this is a document the FBI prepared. They created this document based on what a credible source who they’d worked for 10 years, who they paid $100,000 for information, that source told the FBI. They created this 1023 document that says our source told us Joe Biden had conversations with a foreign national about money for certain actions that he would take. That’s what Mr. Comer, who has seen the document, said that’s what it involves.  And how much you want to bet this confidential human source…  Mark, how much you want to bet he’s a lot more credible than Christopher Steele was who put together the dossier that they used to spy on a presidential campaign. I would bet my house this source is better than Christopher Steele and the document, that 1023, is better than that dossier, which they used two days after they got it.”  [Mark Levin Show, 6/6/23]
  7. JUNE 2023:  Jordan Called Smirnov A “Respected, Trusted, Credible Source.”  Jim Jordan: So in simple terms, the FBI produced a document called a 1023. Our FBIwrote up this document. This document is the report of a confidential human source, who came to the FBI and said Joe Biden was meeting with foreign nationals and they were talking about money for certain actions. That’s what the document says. According to Mr. Comer – I have not seen the document – that’s what it says. Our FBI produced a document that said that.  This confidential human source is a respected source, who’s worked for the department for over 10 years and has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of American tax dollars to give information to the FBI. So he’s a respected, trusted, credible source.” [Mark Blazor Show, 6/5/23]
      • Jordan: “This Confidential Human Source Was One Of The Most Credible, Respected.” Jim Jordan: What I say is, we know based on what Jamie…  Chairman Comer came out and just had just had a meeting with some of us and told us that this confidential human source told the FBI that Joe Biden was communicating with a foreign national and they were talking about money in exchange for certain types of actions. What those actions are, I haven’t seen the document, but that’s that’s how they’ve explained it. That’s troubling in and of itself, and that this confidential human source was one of the most credible, respected, who’d worked with, as I said, the department for a number of years, and has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the American taxpayer.” [Mark Blazor Show, 6/5/23]
  8. JUNE 2023:  Jordan Called Smirnov “A Credible Source, One Of Their Good Sources.”  Jim Jordan: I would just say this about the document, Sean. This just isn’t a document that’s in the possession of the FBI. This is a document they created, and they created it based on what Jamie Comer just said. They had a credible source, one of their good sources who they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, bring this information to them and then they create this document. We want to see it. How much you want to bet this source is a lot more credible than Christopher Steele, the guy who created the dossier that they use to go after President Trump? I bet you this source has a lot more credibility, but they will not let us see this document. I hope they do. I hope that – I mean, the American people. I hope they let the American people see it.” [“Hannity,” Fox News, 6/5/23