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BREAKING: Republicans’ Own Witnesses Testify That There Was No Interference From President Biden or Attorney General Garland

Jul 19, 2023

Washington, D.C. – During today’s political stunt-filled Oversight Committee hearing, the GOP’s own witnesses testified, under oath, that neither President Biden nor Attorney General Garland interfered in the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Justice’s investigation into Hunter Biden, blowing a huge hole in House Republicans’ central claims and Speaker McCarthy’s plans for impeaching the Attorney General.


Rep. Crockett: Just to be clear, both of you provided deposition testimony and in your depositions neither one of you ever stated that President Joe Biden interfered with your investigations, correct?

Gary Shapley: The transcript doesn’t include that, no.

Joseph Ziegler: Yeah the transcript does not include that.

Crockett: Nor does it include that Merrick Garland interfered with your investigations, correct?

Shapley: The transcript does not say that, no.