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Bipartisan Breakthrough: Everyone Thinks Ron Johnson is a Political Hack

Sep 16, 2020

Washington, DC – For a brief time today, Ron Johnson was able to help bring members of both parties together… to rebuke Johnson for his politically motivated investigation of Joe Biden and his son. For months Ron Johnson has done President Trump’s political bidding by leading a meandering investigation of Trump’s opponents. Johnson’s gone as far as laundering propaganda from a known Russian intelligence asset.
Today, even Republican Senator Mitt Romney had enough. As Johnson pushed to subpoena more witnesses in his partisan probe, Romney said, “It’s not the legitimate role of government, for Congress or for taxpayer expense, to be used in an effort to damage political opponents.”
In response to today’s developments, Congressional Integrity Project Spokesman Michael Czin released the following statement: 
“Ron Johnson has a well-earned reputation of putting his personal finances and political well-being ahead of what’s best for his constituents. Instead of using his committee to ensure our elections are secure or making sure communities have the resources they need to fight the pandemic, he’s continuing to investigate baseless claims against his political opponents. It’s little surprise that even lifelong Republicans are fed up with Johnson’s shameful conduct.”