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Biden 17 Members Caught Speechless When Asked to Take a Position on Evidence-Free Impeachment Inquiry of Joe Biden

Dec 6, 2023

Today, several so-called Biden 17, swing district Republicans were asked to take a position on what is shaping up to be a vote next week on an evidence-free impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden. The MAGA House GOP wasted all year focusing on this bogus impeachment inquiry and ignoring the important priorities of their constituents, like increasing access to health care and the cost of living. It’s time for these members to stand up to do the right thing and end this political farce. But how will some of these members actually vote? They won’t say. Profiles in courage? Nope.

Watch below 

Rep. Jen Kiggans

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick

Rep. Young Kim

Rep. Juan Ciscomani