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24 Hours After A Plot To Kidnap Governor, Homeland Security Chair Johnson Remains Silent

Oct 9, 2020

While Johnson Is Distracted With Political Investigations And Conspiracy Theories, Domestic Terrorists Threaten to Kidnap The Michigan Governor 

WASHINGTON DC – Twenty four hours ago, federal officials announced that they had broken up a plot by right-wing domestic terrorists to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. In the day since news broke, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson who chairs the Senate Committee tasked with overseeing Homeland Security has done… nothing. He has not scheduled hearings, issued a statement or even tweeted about the horrific incident. 

In response to Senator Ron Johnson’s latest failure of leadership, Congressional Integrity Project spokesperson Michael Czin released the following statement: 

“As Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, Ron Johnson has a responsibility to help keep Americans safe from enemies, foreign and domestic. Unfortunately, he’s more interested in being President Trump’s political errand boy than actually doing his job. We urge Johnson to take the threat posed by right-wing domestic terrorists seriously and use his committee to shine a light on this important issue.”